Living in a Secure Environment is a Bequest to Posterity

Security Town House
A lot of things could potentially happen to your residence while are around or you are away. but there are certain precautions that when taken could make a world of difference in ensuring a secure environment and save lives. so, we have put together some really great and often overlooked tips that would serve as a good guide in ensuring that your home is a secure environment at all times! It is good to know that someone does has the eagle eye to create a check list for you so no careless acts can lead to having your home burgled or robbed!

1. proper exterior lighting
2. Ensure valuables are not visible from the street.
3. Ensure doors and windows are not visible from the street or a neighbour’s view.
4. Ensure your doors, especially your outer doors are metal clad and not woods.
5. Try to avoid having you house number too visible from the street.
6. Ensure you can see who is at the door without opening it.
7. Put in place proper security systems.
8. Always have an emergency escape route in case of armed robbery attacks.
9. Always have fire extinguishers in and around your home.
10. Install secondary locks on sliding glass doors and windows.
11. Keep valuables stored in a safety deposit box or a safe.
12. Make it a duty to get to know your neighbours across the street and on all three sides of your environment.
13. Avoid leaving your house keys under the door mat.
14. Always keep the gates to your backyard locked.
15. Ensure all doors and entrances leading to your home are securely locked at night before going to bed.
16. Check your doors to ensure they fit tight in their frames.
17. Always take note of strange faces in your environment. It is your responsibility.

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