Why River Park Estate will be Abuja’s Hottest Community

Recently, Abuja, Nigeria’s capital was named as one of the fastest growing capital cities in the world. Of course, this is quite an impressive stat for a capital city that is less than 30 years old. As a matter of fact, Abuja stands as one of the very few Nigerian cities with a developmental blue print that is been followed, especially since the implementation of the Abuja master plan took a full swing in the early 2000s.

One basic feature of the city is the beauty, organization and the serenity of its residential locations. Of course, one shouldn’t expect less from the capital of the most populous black Nation in the world. However, River Park Estate is set to eclipse all that and become the hottest estate in Abuja.

The concept behind this initiative by Houses for Africa Nigeria Limited (HFAN) is deeply rooted in the understanding that housing is a very pressing basic necessity and that there is growing housing deficit in the country. River Park Estate is one of the efforts by HFAN aimed at bridging this gap. Some of the classy features that will set River Park Estate apart from other existing estates include:

Mixed Land Use Development:

Urban development generally, presents with different land use patterns which spatially vary from location to location. In most urban planning templates, land use is often divided mainly between, residential, transport, commercial, agricultural and industrial land uses with other forms of land uses such as recreation, education etc coming in between.

The concept behind most estate developments in the country is to provide just a residential location. It’s often all about where people can make a place of abode with basic housing facilities in place. River Park as a new innovation will be an estate with mixed use land development that will combine residential, health, commercial, recreational and educational facilities in its package. In other words, it is possible for one to live, work or own a business, access medical care, recreate, worship and even send children to school within the estate. Complete package!

Uniformity of Housing pattern of different levels:

River Park Estate has a distinct pattern of housing clusters with each cluster having its own distinct housing design. The houses have been carefully crafted from two bedroom flats to five bedroom duplexes. In essence, a potential resident is given the choice to select within an array of beautifully and practically designed houses for the housing unit that not only fits into his/her budget allowance, but is also suitable to meet his/her housing needs.. The great benefit in this is that even people with low – medium income can afford to live within the estate. Great news!

Serene Environment:

A home located in a serene environment has a soothing effect on the residents. River Park Estate is poised to provide that serene environment that reeks of paradise. The River park golf course will be one of the best of its kind. Pure class! Golf course not ours, please use the recreation and green areas to emphasize leisure.


with its location between the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and the Abuja Metropolis, River Park Estate is quite accessible with just 20 minutes’ drive from the International Airport and 15 minutes’ drive to the city centre. Excellent choice!

State-of-the-art all round facilities:

The estate will provide its residents with basic and luxury facilities such as , electricity, street lights, central water supply system, designated public waste areas, recreation parks, fitness and entertainment centres, professional facility and management offices and Asphalt surface road networks with fitting drainage system. Very efficient!

All round security: Of course, the security of lives and properties is prominent in the River Park Estate plan. Apart from the fact that, like many estates, River park has a perimeter fence round it, a completed state-of-the-art police station (handed over to the Nigeria Police Force in Oct, 2017), uniformed security officers on patrol and police posts at strategic locations in the Estate to provide additional security for the residents. Quite reassuring!

Realistically, what HFAN is geared to achieve in the development of the River Park estate is the creation of a modern communal lifestyle, developing a city within a city and presenting a paradigm shift in the development of real estate in Nigeria. Really exciting!

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