10 Reasons Why You Should Live in an Estate

From time medieval, man has always sought a shelter over his head. Housing is one of the three basic needs of life the other two being clothing (which in a way is a form of shelter) and then food. Just like man has found ways to change and improve on his diet pattern and just as he has also advanced in the type of materials for covering his body, so has he also greatly advanced in his shelter demands. Housing pattern, design and facilities have continued to evolve and advance greatly. It will continue to do.

One: In urban spatial structure studies, choice of residence and residential locations will continue to play very prominent roles as housing remains perhaps the most important land use form. Housing Estates are not new, even in a developing country like Nigeria. However, it is gaining prominence by the day and here are some reasons why you must choose to live in an Estate. A well-planned estate that is.

Two: It’s the new real deal; Okay, let’s start from the here! So many real estate companies are springing up and developing Estates in choice locations. Now, this is the time to join the train and grab yourself one slot. You wouldn’t want to be feeling left out in the next couple years. Would you?

Three: It’s cheaper in the long run; getting a plot of land or buying a building in an estate might in the short term look a bit expensive but it is quite cheap in the long run. How so? A real estate comes with certain essential amenities such as paved and tarred roads, reliable source of power supply, constant water supply, and better security. Some Estates even have more. For instance, River Park Estate that is being Developed by Houses for Africa, Nigeria limited (HFAN), has additional facilities such as recreation centers, police post, shopping mall, clinics, office spaces and schools. Living in this kind of Estate is pure value for money and great gains in the long run.

Four: Your Property is covered; it is not rare that we find people sacked from their homes because of contravening building rights or due to road expansion and other developmental projects being carried out by the State. A housing estate is very unlikely to experience such. In the rare case where it happens, the cost will be borne by the real estate company. Another angle to the coverage includes that you are spared the possibility of encountering land disputes and land grabbers. This is basically because real estate companies are expected to follow dues processes and legal procedures in acquiring lands from the Government. Certain privileges and information that a real estate company has access to, may not be easily accessible to an individual.

Five: Opportunity of living in a planned environment; Housing estates, among other things, are usually planned. Of course, that’s part of what qualifies it as an estate in the first place. A planned environment gives the residents a sense of coordination and organization.

Six: Better Security; An Ideal estate is supposed to have a perimeter fencing and security tight gates. In some estates, a visitor is expected to call and be identified by his host before he is granted entrance. With this, aimless loitering is prevented, and non-authorized persons do not find their way into the estates. This mitigates against the incidence of breaking in and stealing and burgling which are quite frequent in road side residences. Incidence of kidnapping and armed robbery are also quite rare in well protected estates.

Seven: You enjoy Modern Communal Life: Housing Estates that are properly planned give the residents the sense of neighborliness, a kind of communal feeling and dependence. The residents know each other and, in a way, watch out for each other. This kind of communal feeling in a modern atmosphere is hardly experienced in the conventional open street or road side residences.

Raising your kids becomes a lot easier; of course, some people may have a divergent view, but many parents have claimed that it’s easier to train kids while living in an estate than for open street and road side residences.

Eight: You don’t have to worry about over population and congestion; over population and congestion of a locality comes with an alarming number of vices and inconveniences. But living in a well-planned estate saves you this scare. A typical well-planned Estate have both the number of residences and the estimated number of people that are expected to reside in it. For instance, the River Park estate that is being developed by Houses for Africa (HFAN) is estimated planned to have about 3000, residential units which is quite spacious considering the massive land area it covers. Furthermore, Parking spaces are well mapped out, streets are rightly inter-linked, and facilities are evenly and adequately provided.

Nine: Your demands must be met; now, this is one great advantage! You don’t have to wait endlessly for the Electricity department or the Water Board to come and carry out repairs. You can trust the estate developer to do the running around and make sure whatever problem is fixed and in good time too.

Ten: It’s a class statement; mentioning this fact last is intended to ensure it doesn’t eclipse the other factors. Truth is, living in an estate has a class symbol. You can’t just deny that fact. So, why not join the class? Moreover, since Real Estate Companies like HFAN have made easy to live inside one by allowing you choose the residential unit that suits your budget, there is no reason you shouldn’t feel among

Really, living in a Residential Estate, comes with a huge number of advantages far more than what has been listed above. This fact can’t be over emphasized. One must however choose a well- planned estate, one that is developed and managed by a competent and professional Real Estate company.

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